Thursday, August 10, 2006

New MFA schedule

So I've been slacking a bit this week, assuming that I'd be getting comments from my advisor soon and at that point I would really start working again. Thankfully, I looked at the MFA schedule today and realized that I won't get comments from her until Aug. 21! That seems a bit crazy since we have to hand in our next submission by Sept. 4. And since my next submission is a revision of my first, I can't even start it until I know what she wants me to revise. So it looks like I'll be spending my vacation week working on my story. Kinda ironic considering my last post... But anyway, here's my new schedule:

By August 21: Have all three creative writing class scripts and handouts done. That basically means I'll be working my a$$ off on them next week since I'll be away the weekend of the 19/20.

By Aug 25 (the day before I leave for vacation): Have one annotation done, have an outline or some sort of plan for revising my story

Week of vacation: Read 2nd craft annotation book and write critique. Revise, revise, revise. Best Blogger Tips


FatCharlatan said...

I'm with you, Bug--it does *seem* like we have down time, but we really don't...and it's going to be a tight revision (I'm in the same boat as you) in terms of waiting for comments.

Bug said...

Thanks FC! Glad I'm not the only one feely a little crazy about this!

TI said...

I also feel as if there is no room for real downtime between submissions. But I'm looking at it as a way of getting into more *regular* writing habits rather than the spurts and starts that I have done up to now. TI