Friday, August 04, 2006

Bug & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

My friend Mary at work is about to have a baby, and I organized her office shower. I decided to buy her a lot of baby books from our office to furnish her baby library. One I chose was: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

This seemed apt to me this morning when I was walking my lovely Chloe and I noticed that her stomach was pooched out a bit. The more I looked at it, I realized it was pooched out a lot. So I took her home. She wouldn't eat. I called the vet, who said to bring her in immediately. Apparently bloat is a big problem in dogs, and it can be caused by some serious intestinal problems that can be deadly. So, Brian, Chloe, and I go rushing off to the vet. But before we even get to the car, I fall down the stairs, which were slippery from the rain.

The vet discovers that all of Chloe's bloat (thankfully) is caused by pounds and pounds of food in her stomach--apparently she got into her food bag last night. So $300 later... Chloe and I have to walk home because Brian needed to drop us off and get to work. In the middle of our walk, it starts hailing.

Then I get home and figure, well, one good thing is that I can spend the rest of the afternoon working at home (Chloe can't be left alone yet). And then I discover I can't! I have a work deadline that I can't miss. So now Brian has to come home, and I have to go to work.

Is it Saturday yet??

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DJPare said...

I didn't like that story - it was no fun...
I think you need to re-write it. :)

Sorry, hope your weekend improves!

Bug said...

Thanks DJ. One can only hope...

FatCharlatan said...

Oh, no...hang in there, Bug. Glad Chloe is okay, but HOW ARE YOU? Did you hurt yourself in that fall? Less than 12 hours to Saturday.

bostonerin said...

Dogs put us through an awful lot, don't they? I'm glad Chloe is going to be okay, although I imagine that after she, uhh, processes all that food, your walk will be

Hope you're better, too..and am looking forward to hanging out with you this weekend!

Bug said...

LOL Erin. Yeah, our walk home from the vet filled three bags. Yuk.

FC, I am OK! I actually fall a lot, so I'm used to it. :) I definitely didn't get the graceful gene.

Jemima said...

Bad days are there to give you fodder to traumatise characters with. That's my approach.

3 1/2 hours to Saturday here.

Have a good weekend!

January said...

Hope Chloe is feeling better. Hope to see you this weekend.