Monday, August 07, 2006

First submission: done!

As I'm sure is true for all my fellow Lesley MFAers, I emailed out my submission packets yesterday. I thought I'd give myself a little review here of things I did well this month, and things I could do better next time (keeping in mind that one of my current goals is to not be so damn hard on myself).

  • I metered out the work over the month to avoid a crazy crunch time
  • I devoted a lot of mental energy to my writing
  • I really made my projects a priority, even--gasp--saying no to a bunch of things to give myself the time I needed
  • I shared the fact that I'm doing all this creative work with other people, which I've been reluctant to do in the past
  • I didn't devote as much energy to my interdisc project (creating a creative writing class syllabus) as I could've
OK, so even taking away my goal of less self-judgement, I think I did pretty well. :) Best Blogger Tips

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FatCharlatan said...

You did awesome, Bug! Congrats! I need to spend more time on my inter. disc. project as well.