Thursday, August 10, 2006

Crazy Americans

I just don't get it. Why are we so work-obsessed? I read just read this article in the NY Times about how Americans are not using up all their measly vacation days, and those who do go away take work with them. The worst part? All of this is self imposed! People say they do it because they feel like they're indispensible (yeah, right) and they want to prove how hard they work.

I was just thinking that it was a bad idea to plan my own vacation for the last week of August because it was too long a wait to get there. I can't imagine how cranky I would be if I never took a vacation, or took my work with me. Why can't people realize that work does not equal life? It makes me so sad. Best Blogger Tips

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TI said...

Hi Bug. I agree. It is very sad. I have given several work-life balance workshops to junior faculty members at my university because they tend to start into their careers thinking they cannot have lives if they want to be successful. Personally, I LOVE taking vacations and I rarely take work with me. And my career is going pretty well too. TI