Monday, April 09, 2007

This week

This week, I need to schedule my time, even my day-work time, which I never do on here. But it's getting a tad insane in my little corner of the world. Normally my job is difficult, but not stressful, which allows me to do all my other stuff without feeling insane. Now, it's difficult and stressful, so I'm either going to A) explode like that asteroid I posted previously or B) schedule myself like crazy. Luckily I finagled a work at home day tomorrow so I can plow through stuff without all the office B.S. to interrupt me.

So, here goes:
Staighten up (just the stuff that will drive me insane if I don't do it)
Start revision of chapter for IS project.


Morning goals: yoga/meditation, walk Chloe

Daytime goals:
* Finalize infertility content (2 long pieces , 2 shorter infertility supplements). Choose artwork.
* Edit heart piece, get it approved. Choose artwork for piece.

*Get fact checking back to the Men's Health doctor for review

Evening goals:
*Get down as much of a revision of the chapter for my IS project as I possibly can.
*Laundry, knitting as I can manage

Daytime goals
*Get infertility/heart content approved and out of my hair
*Interview intern candidates
*Update back content per new developments in heart disease
*Get press release ideas to freelancer

Evening goals:
*Start French class
*Finish draft of revision

Daytime Goals
*Finalize cold and flu report
*Carryover from Wed.

Evening goals
*Finalize revision of IS chapter
*Possibly knit with friends if time allows

Daytime goals
*Clean up/pick up on all the stuff that I wanted to get done earlier in the week but didn't.

Evening goals
*Leave for NY! This weekend we'll be at my parents' house, and I'm going to try, try try to really relax for the first time in a while. Whoo! Best Blogger Tips


TI said...

I love the one about "start a french class." I do hope you get to relax on the weekend, and that all the scheduled knitting time (which I note appears to be the most dispensible "commitment" on your list) remains available.

Repeater said...

I read through your schedule and now I'm exhausted.

Tori said...

I am a crazy list maker.
I love checking things off so I always put the really obvious things that will definitely happen on the list just so I can cross them off.
Have a great trip to NY. My parents, sister,etc...are all in NY state.

Becca said...

I love reading your weekly schedules ~ they look suspiciously like mine, although right now mine contain lots of entries like "practice Bach Sonata-start backwards" and "transpose When I Fall In Love to key of C."

Music, writing, work, laundry, dogs, husbands, etc. etc...

~and the beat goes on...

Good luck with getting everything done, and having some down time in NY :)