Friday, April 06, 2007

Feeling like my head might explode

I was scooting along just fine, but now I'm feeling a huge sense of
overwhelm. I think this has a few sources: 1-I'm going away this
weekend so I need to get my MFA submission done tonight. 2-I want to
cook a bunch of yummy treats for my trip, which will compromise how
much time I have to work on writing tonight. 3-My "day job" has been
crazy this week. 4-I've been putting together a proposal for a large
freelance project. The amount of time/work this will take is daunting,
but more than that, the thought of negotiating the cost of the project
is stressful for me (and I have to do that in a phone meeting today).
5-I *think* I will be volunteering at 827 soon. I am almost too
overwhelmed to be excited. 6-I'm behind on my interdisciplinary MFA
project. My advisor is very understanding, but I still feel bad. Plus,
that means next week, when I normally let myself relax a bit between
submissions, I will be busting ass on that.

What am I going to do? I just don't know. A personal day is surely in order for next week. And I may try to throw a massage in there, too. But even that may not
be enough! Suggestions or just tele-hugs are welcome. Best Blogger Tips


January said...

I was thinking a sick/personal day may be in order for you. And let me just say, I know EXACTLY how you feel. But you'll get through it. Just remember to breathe. You can do this.

FatCharlatan said...

Huge Tele-Huggie to you!!! Hang in there, Bug.

Tori said...

I sure can relate to your personality...I have one of my own that is very similar. Bake your treats, enjoy your evening...and don't feel bad about being a bit behind.
When times get tough I always try to remember it's not always about being the best...sometimes it is just about sucking less .:)
This motto helped me a lot in college!

Tori said...

p.s. I answered your "what do I do for work" question in the comments of my post on my blog.
(A very long story made short)
Have a great weekend!!

TI said...

I hope you had a great evening. Overwhelm comes and goes. Not surprising that you're feeling it with so many deadlines looming.

p.s. I have lowered my expectations considerably over the past few days, and as a result, have managed to knit TEN rows of birch and develop an understanding of the pattern!

Repeater said...

I like ti's idea of lowering expectations. I think we all put a ton of pressure on ourselves, but somehow are able to tell each other to relax. We need to take our own advice, I think. Hey, also, that's so great you passed along the reading opp. to Lesley. Hope you are having an excellent weekend!

bostonerin said...

My advice:

Small bites. One thing at a time.

Lots and lots of wine and hugs.