Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Reading question

I have the opportunity to read part of my creative writing at a thesis forum (for that other degree I'm getting that I rarely talk about). They want 15-20 minutes. How many pages would that be? Anyone know?

PS--Day one of the Purple Bracelet Challenge: Not so good. This rainy, raw weather ain't making this easy! Plus I had a hard time sleeping last night, and a harder time not complaining about it. The bracelet did make me think first beforeIM'ing my coworker about a slightly annoying situation. So, a minor victory, but I'll need to start over tomorrow. Best Blogger Tips


DJPare said...

This rain sucks!! :)

Down with the bracelets!
Up with complaining!

See you tomorrow CJ!

TI said...

15-20 minutes is about 7-9 pages, depending how fast you read.

Repeater said...

Hey that's great. I was going to guess 5, but it sounds like ti knows for sure.

January said...

Welcome back to the dark side! We missed you.

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