Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A night off

After reading about TI's fabulous plans for her day off, I just could
not make myself work last night. Instead I drank tea and knit.

And I started making my Chloe a new bed. (Brian has decided she can't sleep with us anymore since she monopolizing the bed. And the ones for sale at Petco, etc. are like hundreds of dollars. So I bought some foam and covered it in fabric I had from a previous project. Now all I have to do is get up the nerve to sew it together and put in a zipper. My sewing machine scares me. I feel around it like I did around computers 15 years ago--like I can somehow make the whole thing break by touching the wrong button.)

So marvelous. Though I'm not sure I'll be feeling the same way tomorrow night when I have to play catch up. Best Blogger Tips


Tori said...

Right now Adeline sleeps over a large part of our bed each night (and we swore before we got her that she would NEVER get on the bed :)).
I too am terrified of my sewing machine. One of my resolutions for my 28th year was to get over my fear of it. So far I haven't worked on that at all. I always get stressed with the whole bobbin threading thing.

Pink Granite said...

If the most intimidating part of sewing this project is the zipper, you might want to use Velcro squares or strips to close it. You could try heavy duty snaps as well. Perhaps the simplest way is by substantially overlapping the fabric on the bottom and just sliding the foam inside - like a big pillow sham.
To protect the foam, you might consider a light liner over it (like a pillow slip), so it doesn't tear when you take the cover off to launder it.

I bet Chloe will love it!

Good luck!
- Lee

TI said...

Drank tea and knit. What a perfect, perfect evening!

bostonerin said...

Hey, Ms. Industrious! Chloe is one lucky girl. She is going to LOVE her bed.

I second Pink Granite, in regards to the zipper. Velcro or snaps would be just fine. To entice her to use the bed, you could also put an old t-shirt from you or B under the cover. She'll smell you and feel like she's in the "big bed."

Repeater said...

Men don't seem to be as tolerant about animals in the bed- my cat likes to sleep under the covers with me, but D will shoo him away if he gets on his side. The bed sounds great- if you can knit, you can sew. Those machines practically do it for you (unless you have an old clunker like mine).

Becca said...

Sounds like a well deserved respite~I took a couple of days like that myself over the weekend, and I'm a better woman for it :)

Our two little shih-tzus completely own the king sized bed. Sigh...