Friday, December 26, 2008

Cool journal call for submissions

I heard about this neat publication called The First Line. They supply writers with a first line, and you use that line--exactly as is-- as the first line in a short story and submit it to them for review and possibly publication.

The line for winter submissions is:

Herman Sligo was a bit actor who played Uncle Emil in three episodes of the popular television series The Five Sisters.

Submissions are due 2/1/2009. I'm going to make an attempt at creating a story around this line. Anyone want to join me?
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oh said...

Sounds excellent. Just when I thought I might step back from writing-to-deadline ... hmmm. Thanks for the info!

Erin Dionne said...

A couple of years ago I wrote a story for this mag...I ultimately moved that first line to later in the piece, but it gave me the story "FD & C Yellow #5", which was published in Slow Trains Literary Journal. ( So even if it doesn't end up fitting First Lines, you can definitely use what you write!

Good luck with it!!

DJPare said...

Cool! I'm looking into it.

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