Monday, December 22, 2008

Check... and check

A snowy weekend equals a productive weekend for bug. On the writing front, I:
  • Read and commented on Jessica's stories
  • Sent her my stories for her comments
  • Researched a few more places to send my Cartes story too (which I will do tomorrow)
  • Started to flesh out an outline of my NaNoWriMo manuscript. I only got about 5 chapters in, but I think I'll stop there and start writing those five chapters because I think that I need to get those down before moving on to the next batch.
  • Researched some writing retreats and realized that I don't want to apply to any until I have a better sense of what going will help me accomplish that I couldn't get done taking a "staycation".
I also finished a very complicated hat that I knit for a sick coworker, and a hat that I knit for my cousin (though I may have to redo that one--it depends on how much it shrank during blocking. It came out way too large for some reason...). And I wrapped all my presents and sent out a few Christmas cards. (If you don't get one, please know that it's not because I don't love you! I only sent cards to people who live far away, who really love getting mail, or who I know I won't see for a while.) Best Blogger Tips

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