Monday, December 08, 2008

How I spent my November

Phew! I was a bit burnt out after NaNo, hence my not posting for a while. I promise to post this week with some of the things I learned from NaNo. For now, I leave you with a picture that pretty much captures 99% of how I spent November.
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DJPare said...

Very proud of you.

I remember what it was like to write... :(

Yesterday's Sunday Scribbling was the first piece of fiction I've written in months!

Writer Bug said...

You'll get back there Don!

Becca said...

Loved the photo ;) My pets keep me company when I'm writing, too. They do get a bit frustrated with it, however!

Writer Bug said...

LOL--so do mine! Chloe, my dog, is always nosing at my arm when I'm typing. I feel like she's asking, why are you typing when you could be petting me???