Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Publishing Question

For those of you who have published in journals before or know about the process, can you tell me if it is as good to get published in literary magazines published by colleges and edited by the MFA students, as compared to literary journals that may or may not be affiliated with a college and that are edited by a professional staff? I'm making my list of places to send things to, and I want to "tier" it and first send to the more prestigious places, etc. Best Blogger Tips


Erin Dionne said...

Some of the most prestigious journals, like Ploughshares, are housed in MFA programs with student editors. If you're making tiers, I wouldn't automatically drop them down because they're school affiliated.

Use the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses to help with your research: www.clmp.org .

Writer Bug said...

Thanks Erin. That's exactly what I wanted to know. I didn't realize Ploughshares was student edited--cool!

January said...

As someone who read for Pshares briefly in the '90s, that's good advice from Erin.

I think you need to have a range of journals on your list, both academic and nonacademic (or commercial and noncommercial). I also would look into Web zines. It's nice to get your work in print, but more eyeballs will see your work on the Web.

Hope you have a great holiday, Christine!

Writer Bug said...

Thanks Jan! More good advice. Happy holidays to both of my publishing gurus!