Monday, January 05, 2009

Rejection: The hits just keep on coming

Dear Rejection,
I'm trying not to take you personally. I'm trying to be all Zen about you, each time you come into my email box or via the SASE that I enclosed with my submission to Some Literary Journal. I'm trying to say to you, "you're part of the process" and "the only way to not have you in my life is to give up sending my stories out." And I believe those things, I do.

But part of me still wishes you were a distinct entity that I could greet with a steel-toed kick in the crotch the next time you tried to make your way into my life. Another part of me wishes that I would never have to meet you again. Ever. And the rest of me knows that's not possible (See "the things I'm trying to say to you").

So Rejection, I will not take you personally. I will remember that all it takes to get out of you and into Acceptance is one editor who likes my work. I will make some tweaks to the story I've been sending out based on a wonderful reader's advice, and I will just keep going.

But Rejection? If you decide to stay home and hibernate this winter, I will knit you a quilt and brew you some tea to make sure you're nice and cozy.

With Grudging Fondness,
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chas said...

if you are getting rejected that means you are sending your manuscripts out. and if you are sending them out that means you are writing them. congrats on doing the job of a writer!

keep on doing all you can with what you've got from where you of these days the universe is going to knock one of your pitches out of the park!

Writer Bug said...

Thanks Chas! That's just the kind of response I needed. I'm smiling. :)

DJPare said...

Great post!

RB said...

Yes, great post, and I agree with Chas as well. Have you gotten to the point that you hate the sight of your own handwriting (assuming you hand write those SASEs)? I sure have (meaning my own handwriting, not yours)! :)

Writer Bug said...

Thanks DJ and RB. Yes, I do hate my own handwriting! As well as the sight of any thin envelope with a return address from a journal