Tuesday, August 28, 2007

blogger annoyances

I've been trying to get this picture to be my bio pic for days now. I'm hoping that posting it here will make it easier to get it into my bio... Best Blogger Tips


Bug said...

WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING!?!? I clicked on the photo I posted here. Another web page opened up, and I then copied and pasted that URL into the Photo slot in my bio. I then saved my bio, and it reverted back to my previous photo. WTF. Help please.

TI said...

That's strange. I don't know why. But I DO like the new picture so I hope you figure it out soon. It looks as if it should be straightforward so maybe blogger isjust acting silly today.

DJPare said...

Maybe because it's on the same website really.
I put it on my site - try this.