Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Submission: Sent!

Though I literally waited til the 11th hour, I got the last submission of the semester done in time (I sent it out at 11pm last night!). It's very rough. The ending is insanely rushed. But it's out there.

For next semester, I'd like to work on really perfecting my annotation writing. It's something I seem to fluctuate on, with my biggest problem being that something that seems obvious and clear to me is not to an outside reader.

I have a few more to work on my last IS submission (which, to be honest, I haven't even started!). It's just editing two 2nd drafts of chapters, though, so I'm not too stressed. I can't be--because I have to squeeze it in to a very hectic week work-wise and personal life-wise.

I'm SO looking forward to this weekend. For the first time in like a hundred years, I will have NO work to do. In fact, I plan not to turn on my computer. Brian will be away, so I will have plenty of time to myself to regroup. Ahhhh... Best Blogger Tips


TI said...

Yippee! That is so great. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. I wanted to recommend that when you are in Paris you make sure you go shopping at La Samaritaine (they have a great stationery section) and La Droguerie (an incredible yarn, ribbon, button store), and try the pains perdu (or something else delectable) at Ladure. And if/when you go to the Louvre, don't enter at the pyramid. THere are lots of less prominent entrances, including one quite close to the river, with no line-upsat all. And the entrance by the river gets you in very close to the Mona Lisa.

Bug said...

Wow TI! You are like my personal guide! Merci!

TI said...

You will LOVE Paris. I am so envious!

January said...

Congrats on completing such a big project! Now, focus on Paris and everything else will fall into place.

Hope you're feeling better.