Friday, May 04, 2007


I need some help with my story. I've hit a road block, and I can't
figure out a way through. And I have to, cause I need to get a draft
done tonight!

So, here's the deal: a woman's husband doesn't come home when he should. After 24 hours, she calls the cops, who basically believe he ran away with another woman because there's no sign of foul play and the couple was having problems. She's veryadamant that he's not that type of guy, that this isn't that type of marriage. They tell her to snoop around his cell phone, email, etc. Now, here's the roadblock.

I need her to find something suspicious. But what? I don't want it to be anything as obvious as a receipt for a suspiciously feminine item (jewelry, etc.). But I do want it to be something that makes her question how well she knows this man who she
has so much faith in. Something that she would think he would consult her on before doing.

Any ideas?? Best Blogger Tips


bostonerin said...

Things That Would Make Me Suspicious If I Found Them In My Husband's Belongings (Not That I Snoop Or Anything):

* A rental car receipt
* A bill for a second cell phone I wasn't aware he had
* A hotel reservation number
* A password-protected email folder
* Blacked out lines on the credit card bill
* Recipes : )
* Withdrawals from our savings account for large sums of cash
* Ticket stubs from an event I didn't attend & didn't know he did
* A mysterious to-do list
* A pair of pants just returned from the dry cleaner...that had been cleaned DAYS before

Okay, I'm freaking myself out here, and feeling a bit too suspicious...hope these help!

Bug said...

Thanks Erin! These are great.

TI said...

With Bostonerin's list you don't need much more, do you? I thought of: a travel itinerary for an upcoming trip that she's never seen before; a key that she doesn't recognize; a cd of music that he never listens to (as far as she knows); a mysterious bank account; drugs; handcuffs (! unless he's a cop); his wedding ring (why isn't he wearing it; oh ya, he's fishing with his brother and decided to leave it in a safe place); knitting needles; a wad of cash (like 10x $100 bills).

Bug said...

THanks TI. Great ideas.