Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Love letters

I've been a bad blogger. I will blame an insanely stressful end of week at work, a house guest, and a friend's wedding. But now I'm back, and very far behind on my MFA work. So, what else is there to do but procrastinate and blog?

The Cupboard is calling for submissions of love letters. I imagine they want things that are more creative than a letter from a wife to her husband. I doubt I'll submit anything, but it has been fun to think about what I could write a love letter to. Here are two of my ideas. Please add yours in comments!
* An ode to ice coffee on the first spring-like day
* A letter to the person on the bus who met my eye when the crazy person next to me started screaming about Jesus. It's people like her who help me uphold my beliefs in my own sanity Best Blogger Tips

1 comment:

DJPare said...

A love letter to the person who lets you merge into rush hour traffic, after the first 27 people refuse to even consider it.

I love your first two!
Hmmmmmmm...Iced coffeeeee.....