Monday, October 02, 2006

Writing exercise

I'm feeling rather uninspired blog-topic-wise, so I thought I'd do an exercise from the Artist's Way.

If you had five other lives to live, who would you be?

A bug's other life, take 1: I'd be a 6 foot tall, blond, French bassist. I'd play in smoky bars with blue lighting. I'd wear a tank top with no bra, and man, would I jam. My fingers would move so fast on those strings, finding their way without waiting for the map of my brain to lead the way. I'd be so good that I'd be able to pay the rent on my studio from my tips and the meager pay the bars gave my band. I'd spend my days sitting on my window sill, staring out at the people walking on the quiet rue below, listening to their conversations like I was god. I'd hear all about people's fears and loves, and that knowledge would make its way into my fingers, letting me belt out their heartache every night. Best Blogger Tips


FatCharlatan said...

Ooooh. Me like. This is hot. Good exercise, Bug.

TI said...

What a great other life! It's also interesting what you did with this exercise. When I did it, I chose other lives that are sort of accessible to me (like, I could never be a 6 foot tall French blond), like owning a speciality yarn store, columnist for the New Yorker, novelist, etc. OUr different takes must reflect the difference between a fiction writer and a non-fiction writer. Great writing.

Anonymous said...

This was my other life, until I entered the Witness Protection Program. How did you know?


I'm with FC--good stuff!

Repeater said...

Nice writing (and here I said I wouldn't blog 'til I finished my story) Your portrait is pretty close to how I've lived earlier parts of my life. Not all it's cracked up to be!

Bug said...

Thanks everyone! TI, it's so funny b/c I had the same experience! Brian and I went to a concert, and I thought, wow, I wish I could play bass. But I'm too small to manage that thing. And then I thought, hey, who says I have to be the exact same me in my pretend lives? :)

Anonymous said...

Damn! Nice Bug!
I could really picture that person - well done!

Wait, I thought you were 6 feet...

sophie said...

Beautiful life.
How wonderful to imagine this life
and take a teeeeeeeeeeeeny step
to weave into this one:)