Wednesday, October 25, 2006

One foot out the door

I'm about to take off for a conference in New Mexico. I'm sure my boss wouldn't be thrilled to hear it, but I'm more excited about hiking and seeing Santa Fe and Albuquerque than I am for the actual conference.

Here's what I'd like to get done in the next 6 days:
  • Learn a few new things I can bring back to my office
  • See Georgia O'Keafe art, hike, get a massage
  • Eat well and exercise
  • Read the Hours and take notes on an annotation
  • Think about my revision, take notes
Here's what I need to do when I get back, before Nov. 6:
  • Finalize metaphors lesson for interdisc. project
  • Proof rest of ID project and 1st annotation
  • Finish 2nd annotation, and revision of story
Other misc things to do before the New Year:
  • Work on short short story about dying
  • Work on new story
  • Finish draft of dog-couple essay
  • Submit, submit, submit
  • Read the Situation and the Story, and Autobiography of a Face
  • Organize linens
  • Put summer clothes away
  • Finish knitting projects: baby booties, mom's scarf, hat for Kenny
  • Buy paint and other supplies for some home projects. Get in touch with contractors for others.
  • Organize papers in the study
  • Get organized with Christmas gift shopping
Have a good few days! I'll probably post at some point this weekend. Best Blogger Tips


FatCharlatan said...

I put up a new shower curtain in honor of you, and I've been using Tilex after (almost) every shower. :)

Have a great trip, and good luck with your writing! :)

Repeater said...

Enjoy the desert hiking! I'll be jammin' with the hip-hip.

Kim G. said...

The time away sounds like it will be a good break and hopefuly energize you for that long list! Sounds like some fun projects though.

The pumpkin pictures were great! Saw that report on the news and thought of you there enjoying the sight of it all. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

One more thing to add to your year-end list: have lunch with me and BostonErin!

Have a great trip. Hope you get a chance to relax.

GoGo said...

nice lists.

enjoy hiking.