Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Next submission countdown

As always, I need a schedule to keep me from totally freaking out about my next MFA submission deadline, which is 11/6. Here goes:

This week(10/16-10/20): Work on interdisc project, finish reading first annotation book.
This weekend: Write first draft of annotation
Next week and weekend (10/23-10/31): I'll be in New Mexico for work for most of this time. This should make for an interesting (ie stressful) submission period. In the first part of the week, I'd love to finalize my interdisc submission. Not sure if that's realistic though. My goal while I'm away is to finish reading my second annotation book and take notes on the annotation. I'll also be thinking/taking notes on the revision of my short story.
10/31-11/6, I'll work hard on my revision and finalize my annotations and interdisc project. I'll also write my mentor letter.

I think it's time for a primal scream: AHHHHH! Best Blogger Tips


Anonymous said...


FatCharlatan said...


Howz that?


Repeater said...

I can't even comment

Bug said...

I love that we're all freaking out together. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you think if we all lived in the same city we would be able to get together and spend an afternoon with our laptops somewhere (Starbucks comes to mind), and then go for a drink!?

Repeater said...

That sounds great, ti. Wish we did.