Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another week, another list

Poetmom inspired me to make a list of goals for the week (after being inspired by me-- TI had it write when she talked about the circularity of inspiration!) I keep forgetting things. Additions in red.

Here's what I'd like to get done this week/weekend:

  • Finish draft of the short, short story I wrote about here
  • Get down a super sloppy draft/brainstorm of an essay on the havoc Chloe wreaked on my and Bug's relationship when we first got her. (Fun times!)
  • Get self organized for class I'm teaching Monday on freelance writing (at the Boston Center for Adult Ed)
  • I also have like 10 freelance pieces to get through. I love the fact that my editors want to get ahead so we don't have to work around Christmas, but sending me 10 pieces to do this weekend gave me a heart attack.

  • Sprinkle wildflower seeds and mulch the garden for winter
  • Finish knitting my hat and scarf
  • Unpack winter clothes from basement
  • Organize basement and decide what to give away to goodwill
  • Take pictures at the park of the beautiful trees
  • Bake pumpkin chocolate cookies (and eat them)
Sense a theme here? Winter is coming! Best Blogger Tips


FatCharlatan said...

You are vastly more organized and efficient than I'll ever be.

I stand in awe. AWE, I say.

Bug said...

LOL FC. That's the beauty of lists. They make you look organized. :)

TI said...

Welcome back. I agree with FC, you are sooooo efficient and organized! This list didn't stress me out -- I think that the tone of your lists (if lists have a tone) gets more intense as the deadline approaches. I can just imagine how freaky your lists would be if you were doing National Novel Writing Month.

Bug said...

You're both sweet. TI, I'll have to think of that tone thing. I definitely feel calmer now than I did a few weeks ago. Funny! (Maybe it also has to do with the reader's stress levels???)

FatCharlatan said...

Now the "bake pumpkin chocolate cookies--and eat them" is the type of item that should be on everyone's list. :)

Bug said...

FC, I like your thinking!

Anonymous said...

Um...you forgot "bake more cookies and bring them to the next writers group meeting, at Don's..."