Friday, July 13, 2007

The joy of NOT publishing

I'm full of links lately. This one is to another blog by a British reporter who talks about her experiences with what I would call alternative publishing, ie printing stories out and making nice covers to give them as gifts to people. I should do more of this. She also opines that publishing with a big company is not be better than self publishing. I don't agree with her on that one--what writer doesn't want to have a novel on the bookshelves of real stores? But I do agree with her overall message--that writing should be done for self satisfaction, not necessarily to get published.

What do you think?? Best Blogger Tips


Tori said...

What do I think...I think that I love links! Thanks for sharing.

p.s Don't you have a garden...?
If I remember correctly, how is it doing?

Bug said...

You're sweet for asking! It's doing OK. I have a bunch of lillies that are blooming well, and some wildflowers in the back are coming up too. I just love black eyed susans! I have to stop beating myself up about not getting to it enough. I know it could be so much better if I only had more time!