Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Best laid plans... (once again)

OK, whoever created that schedule must have thought she was working with a super human who doesn't need to sleep, or any down time. As if yesterday, I could really: Go to work, commute home, let out the dogs and feed them, go to a 2 hour meeting for the Cultural Council, and then come home and write. Aside from the fact that I left myself no time for dinner, there's no way my little brain could focus on writing after a day like that.

So, my new plan is to write for a few hours tonight, and to write for a few hours each on Saturday and Sunday. Much simpler. Much more pleasant. Much more doable.

When I made this decision this morning (while writing my Artist-Way inspired morning pages), I felt an instant calm wash over me. I enjoyed my writing/reading time on the train for the first time all week. I enjoyed my walk from the train to my office. I felt like I could breath. Is there any better indication of a decision well made? I think not. Best Blogger Tips


January said...

Writing gets harder when it's just about keeping up with a schedule. I'm doing much the same thing, giving myself permission to do miss a self-imposed deadline. I get more accomplished when I do less.

Writer Bug said...

So glad you can relate. And you are one of the most productive writers I know, so I'll trust that I'm on the right track!

Sandi Kahn Shelton said...

It's funny how our bodies know the things that are really and truly going to work for us. Meanwhile, our minds are going around making up impossible schedules and plans. Congratulations for coming back to simple and pleasant and doable. It's the best way to get good writing out of yourself, too, I find! And thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving a comment. I'll come visit you here often!

Writer Bug said...

Thanks Sandi! Yes, it is amazing how our minds play tricks on us and make things harder than they need to be!