Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Break time

I just love this video, which talks about the benefits of sabbaticals. How nice would it be to take a year-long break from all your responsibilities every 7 years or so? Imagine what your mind and body would feel like--during that year, and then for the years after. I feel the tension in my shoulders draining just thinking about it.

I doubt I'll ever have the opportunity to take multiple year-long sabbaticals, but I am hoping to work shorter sabbaticals into my life through writers' retreats/colonies. I will surely show this to my boss(es) when I try to convince them to let me take some extended time off.

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Tracy said...

sabbatical every seven years (I've had two now) are the best things about the academic career, but believe it or not, if you aim your expectations for sabbitical too high (which I did the first time but knew better the second), they can be quite stressful.

Anonymous said...

This is a great video, Bug! I can definitely attest to the value of sabbaticals, and also the need for structure. I wish more industries adopted the sabbatical as a way to keep employees fresh and invigorated about their jobs.

Writer Bug said...

Yea, I'm definitely jealous of both of you!