Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More on saying no

If I believed in the universe sending me messages, I would take getting this article in my email box about the freedom that comes from being able to say no as a sign. Especially since it comes on the heals of my post about setting limits.

Along those lines, my friend Shannon just wrote about fitting creative pursuits into her life in a beautifully titled post, Row by Row.

Even if I don't believe the "universe" is sending me this message, I'm picking up on it none the less. Must. Say. No. Best Blogger Tips


Kells said...

The universe is sending me this message too.

I have gotten better at saying, "Let me think about that" because when I first hear an idea it might make me excited or I don't want to let the person down, or or or... There are a thousand reasons we say yes, but when I say, "Let me think about that" it allows me the time to really consider if I want to do something or not.

I think I have been practicing this my whole life. ;-)

Good post! And remember (and this is going to sound so dorky but I remember someone saying this)-- Saying no to others is saying yes to you. --- I know, cheesy! But true!

RB said...

Amen, Bug.