Monday, February 16, 2009

Things to do

It's been a while since I posted a writerly to do list. But I took Thursday and Friday off this week, and the only way I will not squander it watching TV and knitting is to set myself a list of things to do. Here goes:

*Finish scenes from the novel that lead up to Emily going to New York.
*Do exercise for writing class

*Go to class

[Non-writerly things to do: *Call heat guys* *Call old eye doctor* *Make aptmt with new eye doctor*]

*Continue writing novel; devote at least one hour

[Non-writerly things to do: *Send in medical reimbursements*]

*Finish application for fellowship program; ask for recommendations
*Draft query letter for Writer's Digest magazine
*Organize short story submissions, ie, Where to send next?
*Continue working on novel
*Contact freelance referral

[Non-writerly things to do: *Pack up everything in my office to prepare for renovations*]

*Finalize two short stories that are
just about ready to send out.
*Continue on novel
[Non-writerly things to do: *Potentially put up paneling and buy paint for office* *Buy wall plastic stuff for kitchen* *Buy grout for bathroom*] Best Blogger Tips


January said...

I like that the writerly and non-writerly stuff comingle on this list. Yep, I'm inspired.

Writer Bug said...

Thanks Jan! I, too, like the co-mingling. It's more honest about how real life is--a balance of so many things!