Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things to do: A follow up

I realize I often post to do lists, but don't hold myself accountable by actually acknowledging whether or not I complete the tasks. So here goes, from my list posted earlier this week:

*Finish scenes from the novel that lead up to Emily going to New York. Fail! I did write, but I didn't get as far as I had hoped. We got a new dog, and I blame his distracting cuteness.

*Do exercise for writing class Success!

*Go to class Success! And I got great feedback on the chapter I had submitted, which I'll blog about later this week

[Non-writerly things to do: *Call heat guys* Success! Scheduled an appointment
*Call old eye doctor* Fail--I forgot, and will move task to later in the week
*Make aptmt with new eye doctor* ditto]

*Continue writing novel; devote at least one hour I believe I will fail on this, since I have plans tonight, which I forgot about when I wrote this list. But I'm OK with that, as I'm really looking forward to the social plans!

[Non-writerly things to do: *Send in medical reimbursements*]I assume I will do this. Best Blogger Tips

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DJPare said...

I know you can't make the group anymore, but you can still send me some of the writing that you're working on. I won't give feedback if you don't want it, but I'd love to still keep up with your writing!

P.S. the word verification thing for this comment is "zonesism." Almost seems like that should be a real word doesn't it?