Thursday, November 13, 2008

NaNoWriMo: Your opinion please!

So I'm coming to a blocked place regarding my novel. I know MC has one more family member to visit on her quest to figure out why her sister killed herself. But that surely won't take up 25,000 words. So now what?

There's a potential love interest brewing between her and her best friend, David. I would like to expand that, but I'm thinking there might need to be more tension there. Maybe another man comes out of the woodwork and thwarts David's efforts? Any other ideas?

What else could happen? So far, her visiting with her parents has led to a tentative kind of reconciliation between her and each of them. I'm thinking something different has to happen when she goes to visit the aunt (That's the last family member she needs to learn from.) I think what she learns from her aunt is just that living with the death of someone close to you will never get easy, but it will get manageable. Not sure how that comes out, but I assume I'll figure that out as I go. But if you have ideas...I'm open!

I think M.C. has to come to terms with the fact that she drinks too much. Not sure how to make that happen... Any ideas?

And any thoughts on what else could happen? The themes of the book so far are suicide, alcoholism, and reconciliation.

Any ideas, prompts, thoughts, direction, etc are most entirely welcome. Best Blogger Tips


Cedric said...

You mentioned a 'tentative reconciliation' between your MC and her parents. Maybe you should test the bounds of that somehow? See if the relationship holds up, or if the reconciliation was useless. Of course, if it was useless that doesn't really give your story a rounded out feel, so perhaps it appears useless but turns out not to be? That at least would add more words.

Regardless, it might be time for your MC to take a step backwards in her journey, before taking the final climb to the climax.

Hope that helps.

Keep writing and good luck with the rest of it. =)

Writer Bug said...

I love that idea Cedric! Thanks!

Becca said...

Maybe her aunt will reveal a secret story about someone else in the family who attempted or committed suicide, and the way she came to terms with it?

Your story sounds really interesting :) I hope I get to read it someday!

Anonymous said...

The middle of a book is always difficult for me, too, so I feel your pain!

Now might be a good time to address the subplot of your story, because midway through is when that should also be building. Where are you with that element?

Writer Bug said...

Thanks Becca. That's a good idea! And yes, I hope too that you will read this someday! Because that would mean that I finished it!

BostonErin, Subplot? What subplot? Maybe that's my problem... I'll email you.