Monday, November 10, 2008

NaNoWriMo: Day 10

I can't believe it's Day 10! And that I'm at 17,000 words! I'm pacing myself perfectly (not to jinx myself). I have tomorrow off from work, so I'm going to try to hit 20,000. That way, when Gracie comes to visit this weekend from Seattle (yea!!), I won't have to be too stressed if I miss a day of writing.

The writing is moving. I'm getting a much better sense of what this story is about--M.C. finding her way back to her family, which she has been estranged from for a long time. In doing so, she really fulfills the wish of her sister, which M.C. didn't even know about until she started to look into why Sister killed herself.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm sure a lot fo these 17,000 words are pure drivel. But they're words. Words that wouldn't be there without this challenge. So thank you NaNo!

PS--Check out the awesome NaNo badge I added to the blog (on the left)! Best Blogger Tips


Anonymous said...

I have been lurking for quite awhile, but I just have to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. As someone who is working full time and also trying to find the time to write, I find your entries so relatable and fun to read. Congratulations on your 17,000 words!

Writer Bug said...

Thanks so much! I so appreciate the feedback. Blogging can feel a bit lonely sometimes, when you're not quite sure if anyone is even reading... So thank you. And good luck on your work!

Kerry said...

Holy cow! That's pretty amazing! I think you're officially already at a Novella, right? :)

Becca said...

You're doing great! You've got a good head start, and your story sounds wonderful. Keep at it!

Writer Bug said...

Haha! I'm not sure Kerry... I'll look into the novella word count question. And thanks Becca!