Friday, October 05, 2007

This weekend

I've got a ton to do this weekend, so I need my trusty online to-do list. Here goes:

Hang flyers for neighborhood watch meeting
Cook healthy dinner

Yoga in morning
Work on revising craft essay/story for MFA submission
Hair cut at 11:30
Spend rest of the day revising and doing house projects (see below)
Saturday night: dinner with friend

House projects in the morning
Relax at Harvard Square October fest for a bit
Work on essay/story

Be thankful that we still celebrate Columbus day, though I question whether the man truly deserves a holiday
House projects and writing
Yoga class in evening if time allows

I would also like to fit in two 30 minute meditation sessions over the weekend.

House projects:
Paint bedroom (only two walls)
Fix hole in bathroom wall and paint over it (requires getting paint matched)
Replace broken doorbell
Hang pictures in the hallway, rearrange those in the kitchen and bathroom
Organize laundry room/back porch
Paint front door and clean foyer
Winterize gardens Best Blogger Tips

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