Friday, August 08, 2008

Sunday Scribbling: Ask

The first phrase that popped into my head when I read this week's prompt was "Ask and ye shall receive." This reminded me of Becca's post this week about how she decided she needed to do something to take her writing to the next level and that day she saw a sign advertising a new writing group that sounds like it's convenient to her. She called it the universe at work.

My mother has often prays on things, and finds an answer soon thereafter.

My take? It's not so much the universe or God fixing your problems for you, but it's the power of articulating a goal, and then directing yourself and your energy toward meeting it. So asking God or the Universe for a million dollars isn't going to do anything. But asking for a million dollars might make you realize how very important it is for you to have a million dollars, which could spark you figuring out a way to get there. That, to me, is the power of prayer or putting your desires "into the universe".

But now that I type this, I realize, too, that I believe a little bit of mystery is involved too. Like just working out a problem isn't the whole she-bang. Maybe it's that getting to the point where you'll pray for something means that you've thought long and hard about it yourself already. Or maybe it's the surrender of asking for help that gets your subconscious going full force on the problem.

It seems natural to end this post with a few requests for the universe/God/my subconscious/ whomever.

  1. I'd like to find a way to better integrate my writing into my daily life. Right now it's feeling a bit more like a tack-on/must do, than an organic part of my day.
  2. I'd like a best friend. I know I am ridiculously fortunate to have a husband whom I adore and who is also my best friend, and to have many other friends with whom I can celebrate things like my house warming, and a few other friends who I feel super close to even though they are not physically nearby. But I miss having one really good girlfriend who I can do everything with, who I can sit around and do nothing with, who really knows me and understands me, who I can plan on being around for the rest of my life. Not having that makes me feel lonely at times.
  3. I'd like to publish some stories. I'm guessing lots of people have this goal. But I really, really want it. Like when I think about what I want to accomplish in my life, this (in varying forms, ie publish a novel) is pretty much the only thing I'd be ridiculously disappointed about not doing.
What do you want? And do you believe that articulating your goals has any power? Best Blogger Tips


Granny Smith said...

This logically worked out. I agree that asking a question can motivate one to concentrate their energies on a perceived goal.

Devil Mood said...

I loved your post and I think you articulated both the asking and the receiving really well. That's how I think it works too. I'm confident you will get your wishes because, like you mention, you thought seriously about them, making you enlightened enough to know you need/want them.
For the record, I don't think anyone really needs a million dollars and if they do I feel sorry for them. ;)

Beautiful Witch said...

I thought of that quote too. I often think it should go hand in hand with "Be careful what you wish for". I have noticed that as we get older, making friends becomes a more complicated business. I love to watch children meet - it's like, hi, what's your name, my name is whatever and then they play and are friends. Adult friendships are a little more tricky, but you're putting the intention out there and asking, so I hope you receive. :)

Becca said...

I agree that the "power of articulating a goal" seems to start opening doors toward achieving it. I think it often takes more patience than we're willing to have :)

I liked the way you listed three things you were "asking for." They are definitely worthy requests, and I hope the universe moves to help you achieve them!

DJPare said...

Great post Christine!

You got a little deep on us... :)

As for the best friend thing, I totally know what you mean and hope that you find that somehow. I am lucky enough to have three of those people, but none of them live here, so they are not in my daily, or even weekly, life, so I feel the same as you.

anno said...

"Ask and ye shall receive" was my first thought, too. And when my husband and I were building our house, I saw this illustrated in so many ways -- good and bad -- that it was frightening. It's why I think you have to take care with your thoughts; don't invite the devil in.

Adult friendships are tricky. I went through a phase in my late 20s and early 30s where I felt that everyone I knew was someone I was paying or someone who was paying me. Motherhood changed things for me, but only because it required me to interact with my community in new ways -- it's definitely not a solution in itself.

Good luck in achieving your dreams. And, yes, I do believe that saying what you want is the first step toward getting it.

Annie said...

I'm a great believer in putting it out there and things will happen. I also understand the need for having that special female friend. I think many of us have happy and fulfilled marriages but there is just nothing quite like having that best girlfriend to make the circle complete.

solsamba said...

I loved reading your post!
I understand to the bone the part about close friendships. I've found it very hard to re-locate and make good women friends.
Those of us looking for adult friends are the revolutionaries, in this land of coupledom and computers....

Rambler said...

regarding your second point, may be you know what..circumstances will turn one of your friends into the best friend..may be we all start somewhere and at times suddenly people rise and become very important to us

danni said...

we do create our own realities, i think, and by staying in the moment and aware of what is around us we are less likely to miss the sound, which is sometimes nearly inaudible, of opportumity knocking --- keep putting yourself out there!!

Patois said...

I absolutely do believe that the asking helps us focus on finding the answer.

susan said...

Yes, I believe articulating a goal has power. I also believe in God. I believe we each can find what we need and works for us if we really want to find that it.