Monday, November 12, 2007

Organizing, in pictures

I had piles and piles of paper, mostly to do with my MFA residencies, writing in general, and the adult ed classes I teach. I decided to get them organized before they took over my entire study.

The first step was buying some very cute accordian folders:

Then I chose one to hold my writing papers, and one to hold my teaching papers. I labeled the folders in the writing file with things like: story ideas (which holds articles I rip out of newspapers because they piqued an idea), stories in revision (which holds marked up copies of my stories; I also have a few other folders to hold stories that have been workshopped and therefore there are too many copies to fit in the accordian), and interesting articles on writing.

The teaching folder is broken down into the different classes I teach or plan to teach (freelance writing, memoir, fiction), with handouts and story examples filed in each.

And lastly, I have a basket that holds things like books I plan to read next and papers that I'll be using in the near future and therefore don't need to be filed:

What kind of filing/organizing system works for you? Best Blogger Tips

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Becca said...

I wish I could say I had one at all! My organizational system tends more to "piling" than "filing," as in a pile of books to read, a pile of notebooks of ideas, lists, and journals, and a pile of things to do :)

I like your pretty accordian files, but I think baskets work better for me. If I file things away, I tend to forget about the completely - need to have them visible in baskets.