Saturday, November 10, 2007


I finally have the time to get a summer's worth of pictures off my digital camera and onto my computer. As promised, here are some shots of my recent knitting projects, along with one or two pics that will make you pine for the days of BBQs.

A fun shawl with arms I made. (Funny story: I wore this to a bar and someone wanted to buy it from me!)

A very funky star-strewn hat and my favorite of the squares I made for a blankets for the homeless project.

An easy lace-knit shawl for my aunt's 60th birthday present

Sum Sum Summertime

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TI said...

what great knitting projects. the bobblicious turned out really well (I'd love to know how much you'd have been able to sell it for! that's a good one). If you can do that intarsia hat, the star square, and the lace scarf for your aunt, then you're definitely ready for the birch.

January said...

Love your knitting projects. Thanks for sharing your photos.

DJPare said...

Are you showing off that shawl or your butt? :)

That was such a great idea - the knitting for the homeless shelter. Nice square!


Kerry said...

I LOVE that shawl! That's so awesome. I really should get into knitting...someday. :)

Writer bug said...

LOL...I was thinking my ass was looking kinda large in that pic, so definitely not showing it off!! :) Glad you all like the projects. They were really fun to do!