Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hard work

I forgot what hard work revision is. I realized that the main problem with the story I'm working on is a very basic one: there's way too much telling, not enough scenes. So now revision really means writing the whole thing over again.Oy . Plus, I feel kind of stupid for having made such a basic mistake in the first place, and a tad annoyed at my
mentor, who didn't point out the problem as clearly/forcefully as I would've liked.

So I'm looking forward to another frustrating evening tonight. But at least tonight we're getting our Christmas tree and Chinese food! Those will make me feel a tad better, I hope. :)
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Kerry said...

Man, Christmas Tree and Chinese food? That sounds like paradise. :)

We need to hang out sometime soon!

DJPare said...

Christmas tree and Chinese food! Nothing can be frustrating on a night like that!! Have fun!

TI said...

I feel your pain. I am also revising right now. No chinese food. No christmas tree. At least not tonight. But that's a good combo for when we do the tree next weekend. Definitely. Have fun!

bostonerin said...

Warning: Optimism Ahead...

I love revising....just because you know that you're making the story *better* as you go. And now that it's done, you know where it needs to end up.

I can see why you'd be bummed that your mentor didn't point out the issue right away, but it's also a sign that you're ready to finish your program--you don't need to rely on them to help you develop your work. So maybe it's a good thing!

Writer bug said...

I know you're right Erin--I think my problem is that I get overwhelmed thinking the story needs to be perfect now that it's moving out of Shitty First Draft mode. Not exactly an easy standard to live up to!