Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back to school

I started my teaching assistantship yesterday, and it did not get off to a very auspicious start... I was so nervous about it on Sunday night that I couldn't sleep. This set me up to sleep right through my alarm and not wake up until 7:30--only half an hour before my class started, the class which takes me about an hour to get to. I got ready in about 5 minutes and quickly got a cab.

The cabbie was very into getting me to Porter Square on time, though he kept saying, "I make no promises!" He zigged and zagged through traffic, driving down back alleys and small side streets. Even with this herculean effort, I arrived 10 minutes late. Sigh... My professor was very nice about it, and the class was very interested. Best of all, the students participated! At 8 am in a freshman comp class!

I forgot how energizing it can be to be in a classroom, watching people learn and learning from others. I need to remember that energy now, when I'm feeling slightly hungover from yesterday's rushing/excitement/working late to make up for the time I was TA'ing/etc. Best Blogger Tips


Kerry said...

Oh that stinks (being late!) Glad to hear the professor was nice about it. I am always so paranoid about being late to my class on Sunday mornings -- they won't let us in after 7:30 :( Somehow, I haven't been late yet...though I don't want to jinx myself.

January said...

Well, now that the worst has happened you can only go up from here. And good for you for taking on teaching on top of your own projects. Wow!

TI said...

What a nightmare-ish beginning. It can only get better. I didn't know you had that kind of TA-ship. I thought you were doing some other work for the MFA program? Or are you doing both?

Bug said...

Yea, thanks for your kind thoughts. And I forgot to mention the other thing: I was wearing a wrap skirt, the kind that is basically a big sheet of material and you tie it around your waist. Well. One of the tassles got stuck in my chair during the class. Thank god I got up slowly and felt the pull of the skirt--otherwise I might've flashed the class!!

TI, Yea, I'm doing both, tho I haven't started the other one yet (Oct). This one is counting as my IS. The other is the paying gig.

bostonerin said...

Bug, I think you should change your name to BizzyBug! Being late on the first day is a bummer, but no one will remember two weeks from now. Honest.

I don't know how you manage all of your projects, jobs, and writing. You are an inspiration.

Repeater said...

Oh, Sorry about that. I never sleep on nights before a job starts or a plane ride (same thing, usually) for just that reason. I love the tassle thing, though. Thanks for making me laugh.