Sunday, November 01, 2009

NaNoWriMo: Day 1

Here's a short look at NaNo Day 1:

Slept late (thank you daylight savings!)

Went for a long walk with sis-in-law and Rufus (the dog)

Read for a while, and contemplated taking a nap

Got a text from two NaNo buddies (in fact, I met them during last year's NaNo and have become friends)that they were coming over for our write in

Frantically cleaned house and made coffee

Chatted for a while, drank Irish coffees, ate lots of pumpkin bars I had made two days ago

Then wrote 5 pages!

Made a bunch of yummy food: Butternut Squash Pizza, salad, and mixed veggie curry with basmati rice

Ate some of the curry; divvied the rest of the food into tupperware to take for lunches

Wrote 1 more page to reach my daily goal of 6 pages!!

Now off to fold some laundry, and then meditate.

Om and Happy Writing to all! Best Blogger Tips


tracyisaacs1 said...

Yay for you! I bet you even remembered to put the curry paste (or powder) in your curry! And was it the butternut squash pizza that T made for us? You rock!

Writer Bug said...

LOL--I actually used jarred curry sauce from Trader Joes--it's so good, and no need to remember to add any paste!

Yes, the pizza was similar to the one Tavi made. Funny, I didn't even realize I was recreated two of our dinners from the retreat!

January said...

Sounds like the pefect day! One down, 29 to go.