Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My writing class, a review

Last weekend, I taught the writing class that I blogged about a few months ago. It was through the Boston Center for Adult Education, and it was called an Intensive Writing Retreat. I'm happy to report that it went really well!
There were 4 students, so it made for a very intimate experience. I really enjoyed it--I did some of the exercises along with the class, and we each read some of our freewrites. I learned a lot--and it seems the students did too. They were all very good writers, and had interesting things to say about writing and the process. For next time, I'll have a better sense of timing--things took longer than I expected them to, which was fine because my outline was flexible.
And the new BCAE building is beautiful! So bright and airy, and both modern and homey at the same time.
My take home from the class was remembering that writing should be done for its own sake, not to "finish" something or publish it, necessarily. Those are fine goals, but they can't be what drives a writer to write, or at least, they can't be what drives this writer to write if she wants to enjoy the process--which she does!

I also applied for a college-level adjunct teaching course. Fingers crossed! Best Blogger Tips


RB said...

Yay, Bug! So glad it went well (and not at all surprised). Your compassion and good communication would make you a great teacher. Is the adjunct course at Lesley?

Writer Bug said...

Yea, that one that Steven sent around... Wish me luck! And thanks for your compliments!

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