Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Must. Start. Writing. Again!!

I haven't written a word in weeks. Nothing in my journal. Nothing on my blog. Nothing in a Word doc. I blame it on moving and simultaneously tying up the loose ends of my thesis.

I'm still living out of boxes, and still feeling out of sorts as I adjust to a new house, commute, life. But the only I'm going to feel better is if I get myself back into some sort of routine regarding exercise, eating, and writing. Yes, writing is as important to my well being as healthy food.

I've taken the first steps. I wrote this post. I bought a new journal yesterday (my old one is packed in one of many boxes). Tomorrow, I'll take the next step and actually write in it. I'm imagining spewing forth on my feelings and thoughts about our move, and some ideas for new stories. Best Blogger Tips


Becca said...

There are times when writing must take a back seat to real life...but during those times, I'm thinking there are lots of thoughts and ideas brewing, just waiting to be put into words. I'll look forward to reading them :)

Happy new digs!

DJPare said...

Write about your dog's reaction to the new surroundings!

TI said...

Go for it, Bug. Can't wait to hear about the move. I'm not surprised there's been a post-thesis lull. I'm sure you'll be back at it soon.

Writer bug said...

Thanks for yoru comments. I wasn't sure if anyone was even reading this blog anymore! Now that I know you are, I'll post again soon!