Monday, January 21, 2008

The Snick

Thanks to Laini (of Sunday Scribblings fame) for naming the feeling I've had while writing recently: Snick. She defines it as the sound of puzzle pieces fitting together, and broadened it to encompass the feeling you get when you finally, finally know that something you've been working really hard on is moving in the right direction.

I finally feel like I've got to the heart of a story I first drafted over a year ago. How do I know? I can finally answer the deepest question a writer can ask of her work with confidence: What is the story about? Well, Sit, Stay is about two lonely women who find friendship with each other for a short period of time before they come to a small conflict that they cannot overcome because they are both hurting from recent losses and can't risk getting hurt again.

Ta dah! Now in my next revision, I can make sure the themes of loneliness and fear are present and clear throughout the story. Best Blogger Tips


TI said...

Yay for you! That's great! And I love the word "snick". I'm hoping I get snicked soon.

Redness said...

A Great Word - can I borrow it - I love 'snuck' too! Yes, I snuck out front of my house and took that pic, hope no-one saw me I was laughing the whole time ...LOL!

Frances said...

I like Snick.
Snick! I finally got it.
Snick! You got it too!
Snick! Whoot Whoot we all got it.
LOL - I got a case of the sillies.
Have a magnificent week :)

Writer bug said...

Let's start a Snick revolution and make the phrase catch on! Wishing you all snick in your chosen work.

Repeater said...

Hurrah! I'm so glad to hear it & looking forward to reading the final draft as I read an early one. I immediately thought you were going to say "Snick" meant "stuck" which was just me projecting my own writing feelings. I'm glad you're snicked, not stuck.