Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Revision, Story 2

I don't know if I'm procrastinating by blogging, or if I really think this is a good use of time... But in any case, I need some structure regarding revising Northern Exile, the second story I'm working on this semester. So, here's another of my lovely schedules:

Tonight: Write out first scene of Celia spying at her neighbors through her peep hole.
Tomorrow: Write scene where she meets Abby in the laundry room of the building.
Friday: Read through latest draft to see what should stay and what should go.
Weekend: Write through scene where Celia tells Abby about her divorce, flashes back to some info about her marriage.

This plan is a work in progress, subject to change. All I know for sure is the first two steps that need to be taken. I'm guessing about what I'll feel needs to be done by Friday and the weekend... Best Blogger Tips


bostonerin said...

Go Bug, go Bug!

Get your revise on!

Go Bug!

Writer bug said...

LOL. I love that, Erin. Get your revise on. Ha!!

keith hillman said...

Wow - you are so organised! I sit in front of a blank page with a blank stare and a blank mind until something pops into view, then I publish straight away!

Thanks for your visit. You asked about Fiction Friday. It's a bit different because you are asked to post an un-edited article which has taken you no less than 5 minutes to write. If you are still interested it's at

Hope to see you there.

keith hillman said...

Back again! On second thoughts the best place to start is the home page at


Writer bug said...

Keith, thanks so much! I'll check it out!

Repeater said...

I hope you got to all that with your computer crash. I'm back on the writing on Wed- clear of taxes!!