Thursday, June 14, 2007

Some thoughts on teaching

I want to apply for a TA-ship at Lesley for the fall. The application is due in a week, and I cannot get motivated to do the two-page essay. Mostly because I have no idea what to write. The questions are: What particular interests do you have in relationship to an assistantship on campus? What particular skills do you bring to the position? What do you envision as an ideal mentoring relationship?

Maybe I'll just brainstorm on here about the questions, and hopefully come up with something. If you have any ideas for what colleges are looking for in this type of essay, how to begin creatively, etc., let me know!

*I want my assistantship to be a teaching assistantship, not a research assistantship.

*I have taught various forms of writing (creative, freelance, journalistic) to adults at various Adult Education centers around Boston for the past 5 years. I've also begun working with teens in high school classrooms, helping them with their writing.

*I love student interaction, and really feel that teachers learn as much from their students as vice versa. I also enjoy having discussions with students about their work because they usually bring such passion to it. And of course it's rewarding when you can see their work improving over the course of a semester.

*Skills I bring: Excellent writing, editing, and oral communication skills. The ability to give feedback in a constructive and polite manner. Highly organized and responsible.

* I'm not sure I know enough about mentor relationships in this capacity to comment on what my ideal relationship would be. I guess I would like to spend time in the classroom observing the teacher teaching, as well as to teach myself. I would also like to be involved in the grading of papers, and would need some mentoring in the beginning about what constitutes an A paper, etc. Best Blogger Tips


DJPare said...

Wow - how are you going to find time to TA??
Well...I think you'll make a great writing professor someday!

Bug said...

It will be for credit, so it's not exactly like I'm adding anything to my plate..

TI said...

Those are tough questions. I guess the main thing is to be honest about your hopes, goals, and skills, which you are in your brainstorming. They're probably just looking for people who are sincere in their commitment. As a faculty member who has worked with TAs, there is nothing worse than an unreliable TA who isn't interested in learning. It might be a good thing to add that you take direction well but are also able to take initiative when that's wanted. I find that a balance of independence and ability to be corrected or hear constructive criticism is a good combo in a TA. A good rapport with the students is also important. You'll be a fantastic TA! Plus, you already have teaching experience. That's a huge plus.

Tori said...

Good for you for pursuing this.
I wish you all the best-keep us updated.

Repeater said...

My first thought was also "how will you find the time?" Glad to hear it's not in addition to all you have on your plate. You will indeed make an excellent TA. I like ti's answers-- I figured she'd be a great source for you. Sorry I can't offer more I'm brain fried out here in the dusty heat.

Anonymous said...

I hope it went well and the application has been written. I am struggling with a registery form for UK Social Workers. Its hard not to spin my wheels then get into the zone of doing the tasky crap work!