Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"News that will edge your fiction-writing friends closer to suicidal despair"

I love for it's snarky, edgy coverage of everything from current events to books to the latest in bad T.V.

This article about Tyra Banks' new novel will make you laugh through the tears you shed about how hard you have to work to get anything published while famous people just make a call, it seems, and get a book deal.

The opening line had be laugh/crying:

In the latest "news that will edge your fiction-writing friends closer to suicidal despair," television host, model, producer and Fake Hair Academy headmistress Tyra Banks has announced that she is penning a series of fantasy novels for her own Random House imprint, Bankable Books. To paraphrase Ms. Banks herself: Stephenie Meyer, kiss her fat ass. Best Blogger Tips


January said...

I felt that way when Sarah Palin released her book of fiction. :)

Kim said...

I linked to this on facebook yesterday. Why do people think they can be good at anything/everything? Actors sing, singers act, actors write, models act, models sing, models write. What do writers do? We write. That's what we're good at.

Writer Bug said...

Jan, I didn't realize that SP had a fiction book out! Maybe I'll chek it out. Maybe.

Kim, Amen. I think writing, in particular, is thought to be easy and something anyone can do. And I guess it is if you have the help of a ghost writer! (Not that I know that Tyra does; but so many celebs don't actually write there own stuff because, well, they're not writers!)

Shannon McDonough said...

People want to read about characters who have more problems than they do or like they do; reading about perfect, beautiful humans is boring!

RB said...

Quadruple ugh.

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