Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Confession Tuesday: The week-before-vacation edition

I leave on Saturday for Costa Rica! Picture a week of yoga on the beach, followed by a few days of hiking in the rain forest. Ahhhh.

In spirit of prepping for the trip, here are some vacation-themed confessions:

I confess that I planned to lose 8 pounds before the vacation, and only managed to lose 2.

I confess that this is probably going to bother me the first time I put on my bathing suit, though I wish it wouldn't.

I confess that I'm bracing myself for my husband's culture shock--in the past he hasn't been the best at adjusting quickly and easily to foreign countries, though after a day or two he's fine.

I confess that I know these are awesome "problems" to have.

I confess that before going away, I like the house to be clean and my to-do lists to be as completed as they can be. My mom used to clean the house before we went away, and I thought she was crazy. Now I understand the peace of mind it brings, both before you go and after you come back.

I confess it bothers me that my to-do lists never get completely done, though I'm sure I would be sad if I had nothing I wanted to get done. Best Blogger Tips


January said...

Remember, wearing a bathing suit in another country is a good thing--the people you meet will never see you again! Of course, you don't have anything to worry about.

And I like to clean my house before trips, too. There's nothing more defeating that being away on vacation and coming home to a messy house.

Writer Bug said...

Ha Jan--I like your attitude! Though the friends we're traveling with...I hope to see them again in the future! But of course, they are my friends b/c they do not judge, so I'm sure they won't comment on my paunch. :)

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