Friday, February 05, 2010

Need some inspiration?

I love quotes from writers on writing. I find them inspiring. So I was quite pleased when I came across this post from the No Credentials Necessary blog.

My favorite of her list of quotes:
The best advice on writing I’ve ever received: Finish.” – Peter Mayle

So simple, yet so difficult! Best Blogger Tips


Kim said...

I love the Mayle quote too. And yes, much easier said than done.

January said...

The hardest thing for me to do is revise, but finish is a close second.

Jennifer said...

I found you through January.

I had a PhD advisor who always said the most difficult and important words in any dissertation are: The End. I guess that holds for any project.

Writer Bug said...

Hi Jennifer, and Welcome! I, too, think that idea applies to all sorts of projects.

And Jan, I agree that finishing and revising are about equally hard.... Maybe finishing a revision is the hardest of all!

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