Sunday, September 20, 2009

How to: Make a Journal

I recently discovered that I love writing in small, spiral notebooks. I find them easy to carry, I like the thickness of the lines, and for whatever reason, I found myself more compelled to write in it than the pretty journal I bought.

That said, I wanted to pretty it up a bit. So I went to my old staple of a craft, collaging.

Brian and I happened to be at the dollar store earlier that day, and I found a book of vintage images there for, you guessed it, a dollar--originally priced $25!

I chose this image to serve as my background:

In my mind, the key to collaging is not using regular old glue. It leaves too many lumpy bumps. So instead, I water the glue down. I pour a puddle of glue into a disposable cup (this one recycled from Brian's breakfast), and add water until the glue is about the consistency of pea soup. I stir the concoction with a straw or coffee stirrer.

This time, I painted the glue onto the notebook cover using a corner of a sponge because I couldn't find a paintbrush.

Next I looked through my image book and cut out anything that spoke to me and added it to the background:

I added an envelope to the inside front cover to hold any random images/words I find inspiring and cut out from magazines or other media. Of course, I couldn't leave that envelope plain, so I collaged that with some of said inspiring words:

And tah-dah! A functional, interesting journal that I can't help smiling every time I write in.
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Tracy said...

LOVE IT! You're so talented, Bug. I feel so lucky to know you. :)

Writer Bug said...

Your comment is so sweet--it made me all weepy. :) I'm lucky to know you, too!

Kells said...

Now that's a great and personal journal! I love the vintage pic.

nice work and thanks for sharing!

mayfloweravenue said...

So creative and love the tip about the glue; very practical solution without spending $$ for special products!

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