Sunday, June 07, 2009

Two new goals

I've got two writing goals to announce:
1- Write a page a day in the month of June. This is inspired by the lovely and talented BostonErin.

I plan to write scenes from the novel I'm working on. I'm not going to worry about where exactly in the book the scenes will go just yet.

2- Get chapters one through three edited and in descent shape by August, when I'll meet up with two of my wonderful, wonderful writing buddies for a 5-day-writing/editing/critiquing-retreat on a lake in Canada.

I'm also hoping these challenges will inspire blog posts and get me back into the habit of writing here, but we'll see... Best Blogger Tips


January said...

Those are great goals. I'm going to start 15-minute freewrites in hopes of getting a few poems by month's end.

Writer Bug said...

Good idea January. I hope things are looking less lemony, and more strawberry-y. You know, they're pink and sweet, unlike lemons. :)